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Best Friends Forever: A Novel

Best Friends Forever: A Novel - Jennifer Weiner Best Friends Forever-Jennifer Weiner- I wasn’t especially fond of this book while reading it, and the more I thought about it after I finished the less I liked it. The book follows two stories, one in the present day and the other is the tale of our characters growing up. On the surface it’s a funny little romp and a look into growing up in a small town. However, you start to dig just a little and it becomes this very ugly book. The main message is that fat people can never be happy unless they loose weight. And once they do then they will find love and all the people who hurt them in high school will get what’s coming to them. Ugly ugly ugly message. Add in a secondary message that if you are fat and have children (like the narrator’s mother) then you will mess them up for life and probably give your daughter an eating disorder, binge eating in this case.

There are other things about the book I disliked, but at this point I just want to wash the book out of my brain and move on.

And what I’m really frustrated about is that I know this about her books. They have always left that bad taste in my mouth after I finish them, and yet I keep going back for more.