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Untying the Moon

Untying the Moon - Ellen Malphrus, Pat Conroy lyrical, haunting, and engrossing. full review later.

The book is more of a character study and thus has little actual plot, though if I had to pin it down I'd say that the novel follows Bailey Martin through a few years of her life as she comes to grip with the death of her mother and reconciles her wandering spirit with romance and the needs of those who love her.

I will say that the plot takes a turn in the last third that I was not expecting. This turn doesn't come out of nowhere, but it changed what I thought the novel was trying to say. I'm honestly still deciding if I liked that turn or not. However, the novel is strong enough and not plot driven, that my quibbles with a plot turn don't change the fact that this is one of the better books I've read this year.

Honestly, if you're at all drawn to language and the skill of a writer in putting pen to page you should absolutely read the book. The prose is simply gorgeous. It is this prose that kept me enthralled for hours, and Malphrus's skill in capturing a moment or an idea is enviable.

I love the character of Bailey Martin, a woman who is unapologetically a wanderer. She wanders in and out of people's lives, keeping only a few permanent connections, as she wanders up and down the east coast. Her one permanent place being the home town she grew up in.