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Bronze Gods

Bronze Gods - A.A. Aguirre This book and I got off on the wrong foot. Unfortunately it never recovered. The characters are flat, the world building is poor, and the writing is terrible. I disliked both of the romances, mainly because the male parts to both romances were of the 'sad, tragic, dangerous, very violent but wouldn't hurt the heroine' variety. As for the writing, if I find out more about the world you've built from the blurb on the 'back' than I do from the actual novel there is a serious problem. The novel also takes that most hated of all tactics of not actually finishing the plot in this novel, but waiting for the next to finish things up. Two of the characters are still suffering from a very serious wound they took in the final battle and the implication is that this will be relevant to plotings. In other words the novel doesn't really end, it just stops. I hate that. And since I really hated one of the leads I won't be picking up the next novel.