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Into Dust

Into Dust - B.J. Daniels I'm not quite sure what I was expecting when I picked up Into Dust, but it was not at all what I wanted or will ever want. To be fair, this is book five in a series and oh boy do you need to have read all five of those novels. In the interests of perfect honestly, I didn't completely finish this book, I read the first half and last chapter. I'm still completely confused as to what exactly is going on. I bought it because I'm a sucker, SUCKER, for westerns featuring Montana and I thought with a series name like "Montana Hamiltons" (and in my defense, the words 'book 5' was nowhere in the kindle information) that would be what I was getting. I was very wrong.

Buckmaster Hamilton is the Republican nominee for President, this is mentioned about 30 times throughout the book, and his youngest daughter (he's got six, guess how many books are in this series) Cassidy meets Texas cowboy Jack Durand when Jack foils a kidnapping attempt directed at Cassidy. There is some convoluted plot about mind control and memory replacement and people trying to control the presidential election and something about her missing mother and, and, and there was just SO MUCH PLOT and none of it made any sense. I can only hope that if you'd read the previous novels it might have made a touch more sense. Anyway, as Jack and Cassidy go on the run trying to find out more about why she was kidnapped the uncover the plot and then I got totally lost and stopped reading.

This entire, six book series was written in about a year and a half, starting in January of 2015 through October of 2016. I'm going to guess and say that the presidential elections happening during this time is absolutely no coincidence. However, I don't think that Daniels and I agree on politics and that's one of the detractors in the book. Well that, and the conspiracy theory stuff in the novel is on a level that I find really hard to swallow - I love fantasy novels guys. The ridiculous of the stuff that happens in this book is so out there that I, an avid reader of fantasy, have a hard time swallowing it. To be fair to fantasy novels, at least they'r telling you that you need to suspend disbelief at the start.

The thing is, I think I could have muddled through all of that and just laughed it off except that the writing is pretty terrible. It's stilted and choppy. Characters do things simply because the plot requires that they be in place X at Y time and it's not always believable for their characters. Well, as believable as you can get with one dimensional characters.

Hard pass on this book and the series.