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Rosemary and Rue

Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire Rosemary and Rue-Seanan McGuire. This is a fun, well written urban fantasy that was worth reading. I absolutely enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. (Best part about coming to a series late is that you have TONS to catch up on). I loved the interplay of sidhe legends and customs with modern San Francisco. The only thing I have quibbles about is that there really isn’t a good reason why Celtic beings travelled to San Francisco specifically and the New World in general. They’re just there with no explanation- but honestly this is something that a lot of urban fantasy dealing with foreign legends does, Neil Gaiman might be the only exception that I know of. I’m willing to let that slide though for the image if kelpies in the fog ridden streets of San Francisco.

I loved Toby. She is broken and broken badly but you can absolutely see the reasons why. Also the villain in this particular book is one of the most cold-hearted bastards I’ve seen in urban fantasy in a long while. Not because he does evil things, but because he presents as a good guy even as he does it. The betrayal at the end of the novel hurts.

Of course the question is: what sets this book apart from the other urban fantasies? Well for starters, it doesn’t suffer from the lone female problem so prevalent in a lot of urban fantasies,* Toby has lots of females around her, both helpful and hinderous. And she talks to them, about things other then the men in her life. And speaking of the men in her life, there are several romantic possibilities, but those plots are in the background and simply add to the day to day interactions Toby has with people.

I devoured this book. If you’re looking for more urban fantasy to read and you haven’t picked up these books (or at least this one, I suppose I’ll withhold judgment on the books I haven’t read yet) what’s stopping you? It’s a fun good read.

*Mercy Thompson I’m looking at you (though that’s certainly not the only series that suffers from this problem). Though to be fair, Patricia Briggs has gotten much better at this as she’s written. Seriously look at her older fantasy novels and give me one, ONE female character who isn’t the main. So annoying. Well written stuff, but annoying.