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Kitty's Big Trouble

Kitty's Big Trouble - Carrie Vaughn So this is obviously a play on the movie Big Trouble in Little China. Kitty goes to San Francisco at the behest of Anastasia, the vampire opposing Roman, in order to retrieve a magical item from San Francisco’s China Town before he does. I wasn’t fond of this one. The emotional pull of the story really wasn’t there. Partly because the main emotional story was Anastasia’s, and for the most part we don’t know her that well. Kitty’s arc is more about deciding to really step up and lead, not just her pack, but anyone who stands against Roman. That’s great, and something that has to be done, but it seemed inevitable and so there’s no emotional pull there.

I also might not have connected to this book because the main plot focuses on vampires and vampire politics. Blah, blah yawn. I’m reading these books for werewolves thank you very much.

At any rate, the set up for the next one is done. Kitty is going to London. Hm… An American Werewolf in London. Am I really only just now realizing that these tittles and plots all have movie references?