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Discount Armageddon

Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire This is a fairly decent urban fantasy novel. I'm glad this wasn't my first introduction to McGuire's novels though, if it had been I likely wouldn’t have finished the book. There were quite a few moments near the beginning of the novel that irritated me. For example, why would a character run through the city, for non-life threatening reasons, in an outfit that just a chapter earlier she said made her look like a cheap hooker? Particularly since this character is supposed to have fashion sense. It just pinged as illogical to me, and combined with a few other similar things really bothered me.

The plot is fairly decent, though unlike the Toby books it's rather predictable. I realized fairly early one exactly where the novel was heading, and sure enough it hit all those points with very few deviations.

The plot isn't really the draw here though, it's the world building. There are some fun supernatural creatures in the novel. The Aeslin Mice being my favorite, though any girl raised with Disney's Cinderella would probably agree. And those creatures combined with Verity's family and the issues with the Covenant make for a really neat world I want to explore more.

The romance between Verity and Dominic is believable, though telegraphed from the first meet. It was a nice little sub-plot. And Dominic's arc was nice if a little rushed, though that might be because McGuire plans to develop his transition further in later books.

Basically the world is decently set up in this novel, the plot leaves something to be desired, and while I'll probably read the next book I don't think this was McGuire's best work.