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The Demon's Surrender

The Demon's Surrender - Sarah Rees Brennan This book had so many problems. I'm mostly giving it two stars on the strength of the last two. First, Sin was absolutely the wrong narrator for this novel. She had only ever been tangentially connected with the story and this book didn't change that. It's still not her story, it's Nick's story or Alan's story or even Mae's story, but not Sin's story. And since you've got a black woman narrating the story of white people it gets extremely icky. Particularly since Mae's story reeks of colonialism. Honestly it felt like Brennan needed someone to pair off with Alan and since Sin was really the only correctly aged female we'd seen much of at all she gets picked. I didn't buy their romance at all. And can we cover how offensive Sin's name is? I get what she's going for, picking that name, she highlights the temptation of The Goblin Market, but it also highlights 'the sensual black woman' trope that's pretty prevalent in Sin's character. Ugh. The fact that the writing is fairly decent doesn't make up for the flaws of the book.