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Fair Game

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs Eh! Briggs has this thing where her males are super dominant and super protective and while the women are independant they operate within that over protective sphere. I can also have a hard time with her works because the women she writes about are unique in her world and thus aren't quite as bothered by the dominance games, however other females are submissive to males. And for some reason, that bothered me a lot in this particular novel, which is funny as it didn't really deal much with werewolf society at all.

The other thing that really bugged me is that I knew exactly who the antagonist was, about a third of the way through the novel. There were practically red arrows pointing to him yelling, "HEY THIS IS THE BAD GUY!" So strike one. And then Anna gets kidnapped, and I put the book down in disgust. Because I'm getting tired of that trope in her novels. It didn't help that Briggs repeated something she'd used in the last Mercy Thompson novel where the mate bond between the two mains was broken enough that Charles/Adam couldn't use it immediately to locate Anna/Mercy. To say that my eyes were rolling out of my head is putting it mildly.

However, the character of Leslie just about makes up for it. Leslie is an FBI agent and she's AWESOME and we don't nearly get enough of her in the story. I really hope she's in other novels because, have I mentioned she's AWESOME?

I will say, if you can struggle through the eye rolling of the novel plot, there is some interesting world plot developed in the last chapter/epilogue of the novel. Honestly just reading that has made me interested in where the world is heading and for that I'll pick up the next novel she puts out in this world. Eye rolling patriarchical werewolves not withstanding.