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In the Forest of Forgetting

In the Forest of Forgetting - Theodora Goss, Terri Windling Lessons with Miss Grey - The last in the book, and a really good one. We have two sets of reoccurring characters, Miss Grey who appeared in two other stories in this collection and Rosa and Emma who appeared in The Wings of Meister Wilhelm. I really liked this one a lot, and it was a good story to end the collection.

Overall, I'd say they were mixed. In the Forest of Forgetting is my favorite. I was really unimpressed with quite a few of the stories, and I think that Goss has a tendency to let the mood and style of her writing overwhelm everything else to the detriment of the story. There was also at least one sentence in Lessons with Miss Grey that needed some serious re-working. As it was the last story, I can't say for sure if it's a consistent problem though I suspect that it is. Goss was attempting to ape the style of Faulkner, (apt for the story, honestly) and it was a shaky effort. Comma abuse is just not fun to read through.

I'm not entirely sure if this book has sold me on Goss as a writer or not. I'm not completely put off, but I'm not exactly excited to read her further works. I have other book of hers on my TBR pile and it'll probably go to the bottom.

Oh, one other note. I think there are different editions of this book that have different stories in them. There are a couple of reviews here on Goodreads that mention stories which weren't in my version of the book. That is... annoying.