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Thornlost - Melanie Rawn they tour the country. There are pranks. Cade slowly comes to realize how he can control his future seeing. There are miniscule advancements to the overarching plot. If I were to say this book had as much plot as meringue has substance that would be far too much credit. And yet, it's completely enjoyable. A slice of life kind of book. There is some kind of evil lurking in the background and I'm sure at some point there will be a confrontation, but mostly it's just following our four characters through their lives. They talk about the plays, and art. They get married, they have arguments amongst themselves. They get political influence by being awesome, certainly not because they want it (these are the good guys see, good guys don't want political influence with the king).

I read the first two books of this series two years ago, enjoyed them and thought, "oh I should get the next ones when they come out" and then completely and totally forgot about it. It's non stressful, light fantasy reading.