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Witch Island

Witch Island - David Bernstein Can I give a book 0 stars? It was simply awful. Terrible writing, plot from any dozen horror movies, really awful characterizations. It's just clunky and clich├ęd with nothing new at all. I dont know how this book came on my radar or what it was that made me think it was worth reading but I regret that day.

The worst thing about this book is that it is a horror book that isn't scary. It's really not. It relies on a plethora of blood and guts to do the work, but there's no atmosphere to carry the actual horror. It's all just very mechanical.

I am normally one who cannot read a scary story after dark, I had no problem with this one and fell to sleep easily after finishing it. Even the supposed twist at the end (which COME ON you can see coming a million miles away) left me cold.