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Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I think I'm just going to mark this one as read. It wasn't read in order, but I read enough of it. I can't decide exactly how to rate it though. I really enjoyed the basic story, but I went into the book already knowing it and Flynn's writing does absolutely nothing to draw me in. The bits that were cut from the movie felt extraneous and just there to draw the plot out.

The other problem is that I really like the ideas that Flynn is exploring. From the idea of marriage she explores, to the way we construct and present ourselves to the outside world.

I know this was one of the most raved about books when it first came out, and I can see why. But I don't think the writing is good enough to hold up once you know the whole story. In other words, the suspense of the plot is what kept the book going, once you know it... meh, why bother. That sounds harsher then I intended. I did like the book, it was decent. But I think I'll be staying away from Gillian Flynn's novels in the future.