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Magic Burns

Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews Much better then the first. More women characters, and women who do awesome things, plus 100% less rapey violence. I'm still not sold on Curran as a romantic partner, he's far too "I'M THE ALPHA MALE GODDAMMIT" for me to appreciate, and some of his interchanges with Kate really creep me out. Telling someone they will beg you to have sex with them isn't sexy or romantic, it's creepy and domineering and, unless it's within the bounds of an established relationship where that kind of thing is worked out between the partners, REALLY GROSS. I also don't like the way someone who isn't a domineering asshole like that is written off as weak by every male in the book, and even Kate to some extent. Yea, no thanks. Still for all of my quibbles, I did like it and will progress onto the next book.