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Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews I'm totally hooked on this series. Except I STILL really dislike Curran as a romantic partner. I think he's an interesting character but you start to put him as a a romantic lead it squicks me out. I don't think he's much better then Edward Cullen or Christian Grey as far as all that goes. The thing that irritates me the most is the way he 'romances' Kate. He treats her as though she were a member of his culture and expects her to understand the significance of his actions, or at least accept them as still standing even though she doesn't understand the implications of her response. The feeding her soup thing is the best example. It may mean something to him, but because she didn't know that at the time her response means NOTHING because she cannot consent to something she isn't aware of. See also breaking into her house. In fact, the breaking into her house thing goes above and beyond that one and adds a second layer of grossness because not only is she not aware of it as courtship, in her culture it's a violation. The more I think about it the less I think they're wonderful and the more I really hope they don't end up together. A futile hope, I'm aware.

And the world building is weird. I keep wondering exactly where the line is for an acceptable amount of technology is that magic will allow it to work. Because EVERYTHING is technological so far as man goes. A sword is a technological advancement for crying out loud. Why is that different from electricity? Because we've been smelting metal for longer? Really? So I have to throw my suspension of disbelief out the window on that.

BUT. BUT. I can't help it, I love the series. I love Kate and she has awesome people surrounding her. For light, uncomplicated urban fantasy this hits the spot. I just have to ignore all the romance stuff.