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A Red Rose Chain

A Red Rose Chain - Seanan McGuire A really good addition to the Toby books though. One minor quibble; if we're constantly upping the Toby almost dies but doesn't really stakes, eventually it's not going to feel all that intense any more. Yes, Toby puts herself in danger all the time, but I'm kind of over the books ending with an almost death for Toby. In recent books, it's starting to feel overdone. Next time lets almost kill Quentin ok?

The more I think about the Walther reveal, the more I like it. I wasn't sure about it at first, because it's handled very similarly to Indexing, and thus felt a bit repetitious and shoehorned in. However, I'm all for inclusivity and diversity in fiction, and this fits the bill. Plus it explains why Walther can go home and not be recognized. It's pretty clever actually