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Promise of Blood

Promise of Blood - Brian  McClellan DNF. French Revolution with magic and gods. But unlike Django Wexler, McClellan changes almost nothing about the revolution, so there are not clever twists on various characters. Tamiel (I think, god keeping these characters straight was a challenge) is Napoleon. Nothing clever or witty about the premise then.

The plot didn't interest me. There were hints of things to come that might have been interesting if I could plod through the book, however there was nothing to pull me through the boring stuff. It was a slog, and I could read a couple pages before putting it down in boredom.

Seriously, totally flat characters. Very little difference between them. And they're all boring and awful. The few characters I was interested in didn't get enough screen time. I've heard they get more in later books, but again nothing to pull me through the books in order to get to those parts.

There are also a lot of issues with the female characters. Stereotypes abound. McClellan is clearly one of those male authors who can't write a believable woman to save his life.