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Caliban's War

Caliban's War - James S.A. Corey I have fallen deep down the well of fanish obsession with this series. Caliban’s War picks up a few month’s after the end of Leviathan Wakes and it’s just Space Opera, Military Sci-Fi awesomeness. However, if the next book also starts with a daughter in peril, I am going to have words with Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, WORDS I say. I saw some complaints on Goodreads that this was too similar to Leviathan Wakes, and while I can see that, I’m perfectly happy with this particular formula and there was just enough difference to make me feel like it wasn’t a complete re-tread.

We start the book with the kidnapping of Mei Meng and then the attack of the protogen monster on Ganymede, which has become the bread basket of the solar system. Basically bad people are using the protogen to try and engineer weapons, and they thought they could use immune-compromised children to do so. And as that’s going on the protogen mass on Venus is doing something mysterious. And it’s the mystery of Venus that has parts of humanity so scared they feel the need to make war. Which means the book becomes a fascinating look at humanity’s desire to rule, and how our fears can bring out the worst in us. But for all that the book deals with some really terrible things; kidnapping, refugee crises, and humanity’s warmongering it really is a hopeful book. And that is why I think I love it so.