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Poltergeist - Kat Richardson First I would like to say that I feel justified because there was an author’s note at the back of this one that said the first book in this series was in fact set in 2000, so my whole feeling that the book was a bit anachronistic was spot on. YAYS. The anachronistic feeling is still a bit present in the book, but it’s clear that Richardson was trying to get it up to a modern feel, which means the next book should be better.

As for the book itself. Eh. I don’t know. There are so many things about it that should make me love it, and yet I’m eh. I think part of it is that once again things felt slow as molasses getting started. A bit faster this time, but still slow. Then there’s the fact that I figured out who done it way, way before Harper Blaine did. And since the novel is a first person narrative I’m left thinking Harper is particularly dense. And finally, I like Harper she’s a neat character but the supporting cast of characters are pretty one note. The vampires are still scary as all get out though.

And yet, even though I’m not loving these books, they’re a good light read and I’ll be picking up the next one shortly.