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Old Man's War

Old Man's War - John Scalzi I liked it. At first I felt as though there was a lot of brushing over things. There’s quite a lot of buildup to the war itself, the recruitment, the training etc, but the war is told in snapshots and small briefs. It’s a bit deceptive for a book with the word war in the title yet doesn’t really contain much war. But the character was interesting enough to pull me through all those that glossed over what I thought was the plot and even through the hard sci-fi explanation stuff, which to be honest I skipped over. However, I realized right about the time I finished that the war is a metaphor for grief. The book starts and ends with the main character talking about his wife’s grave, and the interim is how he comes to terms with that loss.

I don’t really have much to add. I liked the characters, I was occasionally amused, I’ll probably pick up the sequel.