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Kitty Goes to Washington

Kitty Goes to Washington - Carrie Vaughn Kitty Goes to Washington- Thoroughly enjoyable brain candy. And I loved DC in this book, I’m pretty sure Vaughn had some experience with DC before writing this book, if only for her description of The Kennedy Center, that’s it exactly. Also, I started noticing that when she would take callers on her show, the first one was always X from Baltimore. That was amusing. But mostly I really enjoyed how Kitty was slowly moving away from the scared, submissive, abused person she was in the first book. She still has issues, and for the most part she doesn’t like to fight, but when push comes to shove she can take charge.

I also liked the different type of alpha she saw in this book. It exposed her to the idea that one doesn’t have to rule by fear and fighting, though I agree with her that ultimately he was a failure as he didn’t look out for people beyond his own group. Still, I can see Kitty putting together the pieces of rulers she does like in order to make her own place.

And I loved, loved Alette. Mostly because when shit hit the fan she protected her family first but she wasn’t solely about them. She was quite willing to help the dangerous werewolves set free by the death of the shidhe.

Speaking of, I thought that was rather anti-climatic. The preacher was set up in the first book as rather sinister, and Kitty took him out pretty quickly. I can only assume that’s going to have lasting consequences further in the series, otherwise it seemed like an easy fix for a rather scary villain.

I do like the antagonism that was set up with the TV reporter and Kitty. It’s was fun to see both the interplay between radio and television as well as the two different types of reporters. The fact that Kitty thinks he’s good at his job doesn’t belie the fact that he’s still the worst kind of journalist.

I was a little traumatized by the scene where Kitty was forced to transform on live TV. That was horrible, and Vaughn did a great job showing just how much it hurt Kitty. And yet even through that trauma Kitty did her best to stay true to who she was and to control the situation in any way possible. Seriously, my heart broke for her and how she dealt with the aftermath.

Basically, these are so my books. They’re all about a female werewolf and one who is trying to find her place in a world without loosing her humanity and without submitting to violence.