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Kitty and the Silver Bullet

Kitty and the Silver Bullet - Carrie Vaughn I really enjoyed this one, probably because it’s the end of a four book arc. Book one was the introduction and the beginning of the end of Kitty’s abuse; book two showed Kitty how different things could be under a good Alpha and pushed her to the breaking point; book three was the recovery book- she regrouped and started to heal and then book four was the comeback as she came back to Denver and finally got rid of the abusers in her life and eliminated any influence they had on her. So many things to love here.

I’ve been enjoying Kitty’s relationship with her mother throughout the series. It has kept her grounded and feeling safe through quite a few mishaps. Well we finally get to meet this mother face to face and she acts as the catalyst for Kitty to return to Denver and finally face her old alphas. In fact, family was a big theme running through the book. Ben and Kitty’s relationship, the fact that female werewolves will never carry a baby to term, building a new family (pack) from the ashes of an old abusive one, the relationship between two sisters, and so many others. It’s probably a big reason I liked this book so much.

Near the end of the book I was afraid Kitty wasn’t going to be able to keep Ben. She’d take over the Denver pack but she’d loose Ben in the process. And while that would have been sad and hard to take I would have believed it because sometimes you have to make sacrifices, even unwilling sacrifices, when you make a bid for power. But I’m so glad she didn’t, that moment when I realized that Ben will live was this awesome. He’s been part of her healing process and I didn’t realize how attached I’d gotten to him as a character until I was afraid he’d die, probably similar to Kitty’s emotional arc with him.

And while that was the end of an arc, I can see the set up for the next arc. We’ve got vampires and power struggles. I think it’s interesting that the Long Game in vampire politics is to see who can control everything, but we saw with Cormac that one person controlling everything leads to abuses of power and is not good for the people under that person. A clever reflection of what was and what is in the works.

Speaking of reflections; there is the one between Kitty and Jenny. It was such a sad story line but a believable one. Not all victims escape their abusers, and many of them die at the hands of those abusers. Kitty got lucky, partly because she was stronger but also because she had some thing to keep her grounded during the abuse- her radio show. Her abuser wasn’t able to isolate her completely from her life and I think it became clear that he was able to do so with Jenny.

This one was my favorite so far.