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The Seven-Petaled Shield

The Seven-Petaled Shield - Deborah J. Ross I... don't know what to do with this book. It starts out very good. I LOVE the concept and the world building. I love the idea of doing a fantasy story around Israel and the Middle East and the LONG history there. However, I can't go higher then a two because of the structure of the book. First, this is not a complete story. This is one of those books that is part of a 'trilogy'. However, there isn't really a plot in this book either, it's all set-up and world building. Strike one. Strike two happens because the character we follow through out the entire novel, the one you think is the hero of this trilogy, is actually not. So again, it's all set-up and there isn't even a reason to have the novel as an introduction to the character.

In fact, the last 10% of the novel pissed me off so much I have no desire to read anything further in this series or by this author. Kiss of death.