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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown I'm very torn. the last part of the novel was very engaging, and I think Brown has some very interesting ideas and even points to make. However the beginning was clunky, to a point that I almost put it down, and I have a lot of issues with various aspects of the story. First of course is the fridging in the beginning. I'm tired of authors resorting to that trope when they need to motivate a character. Second, wow there was a lot of rape. And all male on female rape. And a while caste of sex slaves, and sex slaves that are expected to know/perform their function before puberty even. So flat out child rape. Granted in a distopian society, but its mentioned in a way that I'm not sure Brown realizes what it signified. And then there is the brutal police caste called obsidian, which reeks of subtle racism. A lot of problems that I'm not sure the story justified.