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Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews I have a very different idea of how people in power should act then Ilona Andrews does. This causes a lot of the problems I have with the novels, including Curran. I still don't like him, but I can deal with him so long as she stops acting like an asshole alpha and starts acting like a leader, which occasionally he does. Still love Kate and most of the cast of characters. The big bad in this novel was pretty freaking scary and that was awesome.

I'm annoyed at the very subtle misogyny that undercuts the novels, but to be honest it's a rare novel that doesn't have that. But really? Calling all of Curran's previous lovers/girlfriends 'sluts/ whores/ bitches' simply because they slept with him? Ugly, ugly misogyny. Ah well, I will always have Seanan McGuire to sooth my feminist self.